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Antique Vintage RAF Model Fighter Biplane
This large vintage model aeroplane has a real engine & is a replica of a RAF fighter biplane that was in action around the time of the 1st world wa...
Marylebone Antiques
Antique Sterling Silver Model of a Kangaroo
This exceptional antique sterling silver cast ornament has been realistically modelled in the form of a kangaroo. This antique silver kangaroo o...
AC Silver
Model of the Russian 66 Gun Ship. Pobedonosec
A well presented model of the Russian 66 gun ship. Pobedonosec in glass cabinet. Dating from the first quarter of the 20th century.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Antique Silver Model Knight
A handsome figure of a knight in full armour having a hinged visor and carved faux ivory face. In one hand he has a shield, in the other a flag. Pa...
Mid-20th Century Ship Model
A good model of a ship, with the sails and rigging completely original. The paintwork somewhat tired, however, overall in good condition. Dated fro...
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
A Fine Mid-20th Century Ship Model
A fine ship model with particularly intricate rigging, which is original.Paintwork somewhat tired but an interesting complex model on an oak plinth.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Fine 19th Century Prisoner of War Model
Fine 19th century prisoner of war model of a frigate Pomone, with forty four guns.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
20th Century Model of The Cutty Sark
Late 20th century model of The Cutty Sark ( 1869 ) by Longfords of London.
Windsor House Antiques Ltd
Vintage Silver Model Horse and Jockey
A good model of a horse and rider in sterling silver. On the original wooden plinth. Height 10.5 cms. Length 12 cms. Total height including plinth ...
Model of a Beam Engine
A 1930’s model of a Beam engine. The engine is of the T centre column type, resembling the type of engine made by William Fairbairn around 184...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
1/36th Scale Concorde model
A 1/36th scale model of Concorde, in British Airways "Landor" livery. Made by Westway models. On detachable chrome plated stand.
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.
19th Century bronze model of a Tortoise.
A 19th Century well cast bronze model of a Tortoise, having hinged ‘shell’ enclosing two inkwells.
Patrick Sandberg Antiques
Rare WWII Italian Prisoner of war work model of Italian cruiser 'Zara'
Rare WWII Italian Prisoner of war work model of Italian heavy cruiser 'Zara' with finely detailed superstructure and armament in a cedar and pine g...
Wick Antiques Ltd
A Chinese silver model of a river steamer, with three tiers of cabins
A Chinese silver model of a river steamer, with three tiers of cabins, one below decks and two above, two masts, two funnels, a bridge, guardrails ...
Wick Antiques Ltd
A Chinese silver model of a river steamer
A Chinese silver model of a river steamer, with a single deck of cabins, two masts with flags and ladders, two funnels, guardrails and numerous oth...
Wick Antiques Ltd
Garand M1 Model
A double scale cutaway demonstration model of a Garand M1 rifle. The model was made in the 1940s to train United States military personnel in t...
Hatchwell Antiques Ltd.