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CHARLES I - Silver Medal Peace or War by T Rawlins. London 1643.
CHARLES I - silver medal 'Peace or War' Maker: Thomas Rawlins. London 1643. Obverse: Bust of Charles I looking right. Leg. CAROLVS.D:G.ANG.SCO....
Sanda Lipton
RARE GEORGE II silver PRINCE of ORANGE & DUKE of CUMBERLAND Medal. Maker: T Pingo. London 1747. Obverse: Bust of William of Orange hair long f...
Sanda Lipton
Silver Rifle Presentation Medal
Large round silver Rifle Medal. "Presented to the Paisley Rifle Club Archbald Craig Esq.Chairman 17th June 1870 shot by the Members and won by Capt...
Sally Turner Antiques
Antique George V Sterling Silver Presentation Bowl
This exceptional antique 1920s sterling silver bowl has a circular rounded form onto a circular domed pedestal foot. The upper portion of this a...
AC Silver
Donnington Silver Medal.
Solid silver 50 year service Medal awarded to E J Woods in 1938 who worked at Walker ltd Donnington Salop. The company was established in 1837 and ...
Sally Turner Antiques
WILLIAM MOSSOP (1751-1805)
IRISH Orange Order Medal by William Mossop. Circa 1798.
Historically significant Irish silver medal of the Orange Order. Maker: William Mossop. Dublin. Circa 1798. Obverse: Image of King William of ...
Sanda Lipton
Rare Medal of the Duke of York's Bagnio. Circa 1667.
Interesting and rare medal of the Duke of York's Bagnio. Executed in circa. 1667 as a silver entry ticket with a brass plug on the reverse. Obvers...
Sanda Lipton
ELIZABETH I Defence of the Kingdom Medal. Circa 1572
Highly symbolic ELIZABETH I 'Defence of the Kingdom' silver medal. Made in England. Circa 1572 See 'Medallic Illustrations of the History of G...
Sanda Lipton
Art Medal.
Groupe des Luthiers et Archetiers d'Art de France
Sally Turner Antiques
MYTTON of Shipton Antique Silver Clan Badge.
MYTTON of Shipton (Shropshire) Antique Silver Clan Badge Motto: 'SUB DUCE TUTUS' Height: 2.5 inches (6.5cm) Width: 1.97 inches (5cm) Weight...
Sanda Lipton
Higginson of Lisburn Antique Silver Irish Clan Badge.
Higginson of Lisburn antique silver Irish clan badge. Motto: 'MALO MORI QUAM FŒDARI' - (I would rather die than be dishonoured). Height: 2...
Sanda Lipton
SHAW Scottish Antique Silver Clan Badge. Circa 1880
SHAW Scottish Antique Silver Clan Badge. Scotland circa 1880. MOTTO: 'I MEIN WELL' Diameter: 1.2 inches (3.04cm) Weight: 0.80 troy ounces ...
Sanda Lipton
CAMERON Scottish Antique Silver Clan Badge. Circa 1880
CAMERON Scottish antique silver clan badge. Scotland circa 1880 MOTTO: 'Pro Rege Et Patria' Diameter: 2.1 inches (5.33cm) Weight: 0.90 tro...
Sanda Lipton
VICTORIAN Silver Plaid Badge. Scotland circa 1880.
Beautifully chased VICTORIAN silver plaid badge with a relief of hunting scenes. Unmarked - Scotland circa 1880. The scenes show a kilted man ...
Sanda Lipton
EVANS English or Welsh Antique Silver Clan Badge. Circa 1880.
EVANS English or Welsh antique silver clan badge. Circa 1880. Motto: 'LIBERTAS' (Liberty). Height: 2.8 inches (7.11cm) Width: 2.3 inches ...
Sanda Lipton
ASTON Antique Silver Gilt Scottish Clan Badge. Circa 1870.
ASTON (of Forfarhire) antique silver gilt Scottish clan badge. Circa 1870. Motto: 'NUMINE ET PATRIA ASTO' (I stand by God and my country). O...
Sanda Lipton